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SINCE THE FOUNDING OF OUR WORKSHOP in 1985, the artisans of Glück Pipe Organs have upheld their commitment to the highest standards of the craft of organbuilding. Our work is informed by the great repertoire of organ, choral, and liturgical music and the instruments for which it was written. Our allegiance to history does not preclude progressive and daring artistic choices, and we are proud to be on “the cutting edge of the passé.”

THE RESTORATION, CONSERVATION, AND REBUILDING of our nation’s heritage instruments enables our clients to reinvest in their musical legacy when other practitioners have urged them to discard their assets or replace them with artificial units. Our ethical, fiscally responsible approach guides our clients through the daunting process of achieving their vision in ventures that range from strict historic preservation to the use of existing materials in new organs that bear our dramatic tonal signature.

WE LOOK FORWARD to meeting the needs and expectations of our future clients. What can we do for you?